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Я сделал классное интервью с лэди Гагой. Позже она попросила его удалить. Пока ролики были в сети, шлюхи успели жаловаться на это видео. Вот писулька от ЮтАба:


Hi chizhny,

As you may know, our Community Guidelines describe which content we allow – and don’t allow – on YouTube. Your video ОТКРОВЕНИЯ РУССКОЙ НАРКОМАНКИ В США 2. Героин was flagged to us for review. Upon review, we’ve determined that it may not be suitable for all viewers and it has been placed behind an age restriction.

Video content restrictions

YouTube doesn’t allow content that encourages or promotes violent or dangerous acts that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death. For example, it’s not okay to post videos showing drug abuse, underage drinking and smoking, or bomb making.

The only depictions of such activities that we may allow need to be educational or documentary in nature and shouldn’t be designed to help or encourage others to imitate them. When uploading a video, make sure to post as much information as possible in the title and description to help us and your viewers understand the primary purpose of the video. Learn more here

How you can respond

If you believe this was a mistake, we’d like to hear from you. To appeal this age restriction, please submit this form. Our team will thoroughly review your appeal and will contact you again very soon.

For more information on YouTube’s Community Guidelines, please visit our Help Center.

— The YouTube Team

Я полностью уверен, что пидоры, которые жаловались на это видео исходили не из благих целей ограничить детей, а просто хотели навредить мне. Мне очень жаль, что меня смотря свиньи.

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